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In this website you will find some short information about our centre for Training, Support and Psychotherapy.

In our centre we combine our interest in other people with our love and enthusiasm for clowning and theater and our experiences in healthcare, the care for the elderly and in education.

In this way we offer a wide range of (training)programs, in which we invite the participants to reflect on their way of working with other people (patients, elderly, students, etc.)
We do this by giving information, asking questions and by using theater and clowntechniques.

The clown in all of us makes it possible to relativate fixed images and patterns in a playfull and lightly way.
The clown also enables us to become more open again for the unexpected.

We are doing these programs already for many years aswell in the Netherlands as in other countries, like Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway and the Czech Republik.

If you want some additional information, please contact us.

Frans Meulmeester.

Some of our connections

  • De Vruchtenburg, Rotterdam (counseling of cancerpatients)

  • Stichting Clowns zonder drempels, Nijmegen  (clowns in nursinghomes)

  • Opleidingsinstituut MultidiMens, Olen (Belgium) (staffmember)

  • Service de Formation Socio-Familiale RBS, Luxembourg (guesttrainer)

  • Consorci Hospitalari de Catalunya, Barcelona (advice and guesttrainer)

  • Fundacio Pere Tarré, Inst. Formacion, Barcelona (advice and guesttrainer)

  • Institute pro Gestaltterapii, Praha (guesttrainer)

  • APFADA, Alzheimer foundation of Porugal (guesttrainer)

  • Gestaltfoundation of Thessaloniki (guesttrainer)